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Empowered Qualitative Research Consulting was started in 2016 by founder, Dr. Jeannine Dingus-Eason. EQRS is a minority woman owned consulting firm with a targeted mission of  empowering organizations to better serve stakeholders with enlightened understandings of lived experiences, insights, and perceptions.

EQRS provides micro-niche boutique services for clients in higher education, non-profits, and health care, which focuses on unique organizational needs. Unlike large research and program evaluation firms, EQRS prepares customized research plans driven by context specific qualitative questions.

As organizations in the higher education, non-proft, and health care sectors increasingly serve diverse populations, there exists a need to develop greater understandings of diverse needs of their stakeholders. In doing so, EQRS recognizes that quantitative measures may not provide a full picture of stakeholder experiences and beliefs. EQRS fills this need by developing and executing research plans targeting diverse populations.


The vision of EQRS is to work with organizations seeking comprehensive excellence informed by our qualitative research services. EQRS boldly asks, why leave data on the table, when qualitative research can inform  better services and improved outcomes for organizations. Become empowered by allowing EQRS to assist you in identifying, responding to, and addressing areas of organizational need.

Dr. Jeannine Dingus-Eason - Founder
A Rochester, New York native, Dr. Jeannine Dingus-Eason has over fifteen years of higher education experience as a teacher, researcher, administrator, and mentor. She currently teaches courses in qualitative research and diversity leadership and chairs the Ed.D. in Executive Leadership Program at St. John Fisher College. 
A graduate of the University of Washington (2003), Dingus-Eason has published articles in educational research journals including Teachers College Record, Urban Education, and, International Journal Qualitative Studies in Education, to name a few. She is also the author of several book chapters focusing on the professional socialization and roles of African American teachers.

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